If your wedding planning has brought you here, we understand what you may be going through right now. Maybe you’ve found that there are so many wedding suppliers that you don’t even know where to start looking and you’re worried about how much time it will take. Maybe you’re secretly fearful of how quickly your wedding spending could get out of hand, despite your best efforts. Isn’t it amazing that there is yet to be birthed a place where you can create your dream wedding easily and affordably? We thought so too, which is why we created Dream Wedding Packages.

Your Dream Wedding, Easier & More Affordable

Many couples are amazed that they can visit our showroom, choose (or design) their perfect cake, photographer, wedding stationery, centre pieces, flowers, table plan, favours and decorations and within a few hours, have everything booked for them. “That was so easy!” they say. “Planning a wedding is fun!” they say. “There must be a catch?!” they say. Well, there isn’t. In fact, not only do we not charge for helping plan your wedding, our Wedding Packages actually SAVE you money, being discounted and including free decorations.

Our Dream Wedding Packages are completely tailor made to suit you – either choose from the customisable options within each package, or build a bespoke wedding package, designing your own cake, stationery, centre pieces and bouquets with the help of your suppliers. We have a number of Wedding Packages, the most popular of which you can view below. For more information, or to find out about our other wedding packages, please contact us or book an appointment.